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The Bethel Ministerial Association, Inc. is a fellowship of ministers, churches and ministries allied for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The BMA was originally founded by Albert Franklin Varnell as the Evangelistic Ministerial Alliance in May of 1934.  During the course of his life, "Doc" Varnell pioneered thirteen churches, many of which are functioning today.  The Bethel Ministerial Association continues to be an assembly with its member churches maintaining their distinctive features and its ministers leading autonomous congregations affiliated with it.

Although Doc. Varnell is no longer with us, the conviction with which he lived remains in the hearts of the Bethel Brethren and many others who were touched by his life.  He was a man who would stand for what he believed in, even if he had to stand alone.  This fellowship maintains his philosophy:

                            In things essential..........Unity
                            In things non-essential.........Liberty
                            In all things..........Charity

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Bethel Calendar

Date Event Location
January 16-17 2015 BMA Planning Session
Bethel Community Church, Southport, IN (Rev Derek Daniel, Host)
April 20-22 2015 BMA Spring Conference
Hillside Bethel Tabernacle, Decatur, IL (Rev Don Horath, Host)
June 22-25 Junior Youth Conference
Rev Tom Long, Director
Bethel Church and Conference Center
July 6-10 Senior Youth Conference
Rev Jarod Herald, Director
Bethel Church and Conference Center
October 2014 BMA Fall Conference

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We want to thank you for your interest in the Bethel Ministerial Association.  We hope you will stay with us for a little longer and learn more about the BMA.  Please feel free to explore the many avenues that make up who and what the BMA is as you take a look at our ministries, affiliated churches, missions, outreaches and doctrines.   Many of the photos you will see are thumbnails to facilitate faster download times.  To view the larger version of many of them, just click on the photo.  If you then click the right button of your mouse on the larger picture, you will be able to save it to your computer.   We hope the Lord blesses you as he has so abundantly blessed us.  Please, feel free to contact any of the listed references if you have further questions about BMA that we can help you with.

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Junior Camp, June 23-26
Theme: Live Radical
Bethel Youth Camp
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Theme: Live Radical
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